♥ Wishful Wednesday ♥ Season 7 / Day 89 ♥

by Christina on March 30, 2011

Today I Am Grateful:

1: to have given my brother a challenge which he happily accepted – beginning Monday, we’ll be “racing” each other to lose 50 pounds!
2: to have planned out which gyms I’d like to take up on their “one week free” offers! I’ve found enough to actually carry me through a month! LOL
3: to have joined the freecycle in my area in the hopes of finding some bikes for myself, my boys and maybe even my hubby!
4: to have some of my friends want to join in on my challenge with my brother – they’re looking to become healthier too!
5: for the signs that this is definately the right time to be doing this – I realized today that Monday is Ma’s birthday (Ma would have been my mother-in-law at one time, but when her son and I decided to just be friends, she told me I would always be her daughter) – add to that the fact that my brother and I agreed to lose the weight by or before our Mom’s birthday in October and I’m just amazed – start on one Mom’s birthday and finish on another Mom’s birthday…
6: that I’m feeling strong and confident to begin this phase of my life. After spending almost an entire week in the hospital feeling like my body was betraying me, it’s time I really start to love it and treat it with the respect it deserves!
7: for all the inspirational things I’ve found to keep my motivation up and running! This is going to be a long journey and one well worth the undertaking.
8: for the courage to ask questions that I would never know the answers to if I didn’t ask them in the first place.
9: for having a fairly quiet, laid-back day at home
10: for eating healthy all day today
11: for looking forward to picking up more fresh fruits hopefully tomorrow!
12: for my angels/guides whispering to me through my intuition
13: for unexpected offers to do something I’d just been thinking about – okay, so it was something the kids were just starting to ask about
14: for books that land in your hands when you need them because *now* is the time you need the message they carry

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