Amy the Amaryllis!

by Carol on April 1, 2011

1.  I never had an amaryllis bulb before, but I have always been fascinated by them.

2.  When I got my two bulbs (one for my Dad) in the mail, they were huge and funny looking.

3.  Dad and I both planted ours — he waters less often than I do and my Amy started doing magical things every day!

4.  I can sit at my computer working for just an hour or so and look up and there are changes in this amazing Amy, the amaryillis — what a gal!

5.  I finally went over to my Dad’s and dumped some water on his bulb, in the hopes of encouraging some growth.  So far — just a little.

6.  With the weird weather we have been having — 3 – 4 inches of snow yesterday! — I have been afraid to check my outside bulbs, but here is Amy, all warm and safe, for my personal viewing pleasure!

7.  It’s incrediable that Amy’s stalks can be almost 3 ft. high, thick, and strong, and not bend over — tall and proud, my Amy is!

8.  In the last couple of days, I have been noticing some action in the bigger bud — unfurling excitement!

9.  Today Amy is poised to do the beginnings of some blooming activity — oh me, oh my!

10.  I am so grateful to Amy for taking me into Spring with daily growth, energy, fun, and excitement!  Hooray for Amy!  (now let’s keep our fingers crossed for my Paparoonio’s bulb!)

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