Forever and a Day

by MaryEllen on January 12, 2013

It’s been difficult for me to post so I haven’t.I’m feeling put upon today. It’s got to be healing to find my gratefulness again.

1.Hubby is grouchy but his meds are off. I’m grateful for all he does especially when he doesn’t feel well.

2.Daughter is living at home. She has had a difficult time the past few months but she is hanging in there. I’m grateful she is healing and fighting the good fight.

3. Cleaned out the car. Grateful for my car,Ursula ,and how she dependably gets me where I need to go.

4. Weather is warm today . The daffodils are an inch out of the ground. Thank goodness it’s only 50 days till Spring!

5.I remember reading a book of women’s prayers and she would say when she saw the clutter. Thank you for all we have 🙂

6.Bless my decision to stop smoking. In advance, I’m grateful for breathing easier.

7. My laptop and my Words with Friends Friends. I love to unwind using my mind.

8.Little Callie cat not a kitten anymore but we keep wondering when will she stop growing!

9. I joined the choir! I sing from my heart and soul and it fills me with joy!

10. Coming back to Good List is like coming home. Coming back  to gratitude is both humbling and empowering.


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