Grateful – Yes, I Am!

by Carol on April 5, 2011

1.  So overwhelmed with work, taxes, and other things yesterday, I was feeling a little punk in the morning.

2.  Having a third gorgeous pink bloom on Amy, the amaryllis helped inspire me.

3.  Writing on helped me expressed my punkiness so I could coordinate it better.

4.  Talking to my dear, dear, and wonderful friend Thelma helped me put things in perspective and get my enthusiasm back up.

5.  Spending time with my Miracle Minding friends – Rose, Kathy, and Linda really made me grateful for their friendship, enthusiasm, and love.

6.  Making wedding shower invitations for Sara’s shower with Maribeth, Dyan, Nate, and Andrew, was such a loving, fun, and creative adventure.

7.  Dyan, Maribeth, and I were being very precise about everything on the invitations, and Nate and Andrew (6 and 7) were insistent that they help (they adore Sara), so they pitched in with love in their hearts in little boy ways.

8.  Tom fixed chili and biscuits for dinner and it was on the table when I got home.  Thank you, Tom!

9.  Working on my taxes was not so bad when it was accompanied by “Dancing with the Stars”!

10.  “Pay no attention to that voice inside you that is not you.”  Eckart Tolle


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TA DA April 5, 2011 at 9:53 pm

imagine those two kids wanting to help with a wedding shower invitation. so cool. i can’t thank you enough for getting these invitations done. sara will aboslutely love them. see you saturday.

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