Gratitude Works!

by Carol on March 30, 2011

1.  Grateful to Crystal for reminding me today that gratitude in action in powerful!

2.  Feeling sad that the money we saved for this summer’s vacation is almost gone, but grateful to know that we can figure out ways to try again!

3.  Had to turn in Molly’s accident to insurance, and that will cost $200 decuctible, but grateful that I have insurance!

4.  Had a flat tire today, and started to worry about having to replace two tires, when I stopped and remembered that I am grateful that sometimes tires can be plugged.

5.  I am so grateful to live in a warm house when it is March and there is lots of snow coming down!

6.  I am so grateful that I have a car like Molly to toot around town in and even go for big adventures!

7.  I totally forgot to attend my last class of Dream Boogie with SARK last night, but I am grateful that it is recorded.

8.  I am so grateful to have such a loving family — what fun we had at Andrew’s party last night!  He put the plastic cake cover on his head and danced around — 6 years old and silly — hooray!

9.  I am so very grateful for the friends in my life — and all the places they exist — here, on Facebook, in our neighborhood, by email, by phone, in person, and in memory!

10.  I am so grateful for gratitude!  And for this wonderful place where I can be real — whether that is perfectly grateful, content or discontent — I know I can come around to myself again and find gratitude.  Thank you, Crystal!

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