Sleepy Gratitude

by Karen on March 29, 2011

1. My friend Kristie. We’ve known each other so long and even though we only get together a few times a year, it’s like we were never apart.

2. The opportunity to present a design plan for an organization that I have huge respect for. (Boy, I hope we get it!)

3. My new pink Snuggie that was a Christmas gift in March from some funny friends.

4. My new friend Jessica and her daughter who is my daughter’s age. Play dates!!!

5. My husband and the support he brings.

6. Silence to start my day and silence to end it.

7. My workout buddy. If it weren’t for her, there’s no way I’d drag my butt outta bed each morning.

8. The city of Akron and the women who live here. So much encouragement. Everywhere I turn.

9. Things that never change.

10. Things that always change.

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Rose March 30, 2011 at 9:47 am

I am sending positive thoughts to you for the best possible outcome w/regard to your design plan.
Yes, an exercise buddy is great. We have a class of regulars so it makes it much more fun.

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