Thank You, Thank You!

by Carol on April 4, 2011

1.  Thank you for Riva, my wonderful prayer partner, for coming in early to church yesterday so we could have quiet time together.

2.  Thank you to Maribeth for picking up Tom’s birthday cake.

3.  Thank you to Tom for being born — without that miracle, there would be no Maribeth, Kevin, Andrew, or Nate!  Wow!

4.  Thank you to my friends at church for all the wonderful hugs during greeting time.

5.  Thank you to Bruce for giving another thoughtful sermon.

6.  Thank you to Kathy for her announcements which reveal our church (Unity Chapel of Light) to be active, loving, and fun!

7.  Thank you to Dad for finally answering the door after scaring me by not answering three different times!

8.  Thank you to our family for a fun family birthday celebration at Spaghetti Warehouse.

9.  Thank you for all the waiters and waitresses that sang and clapped in honor of Tom’s and Andrew’s birthday.

10.  Thank you, Teri – for great quotes every day -“To live with an open heart means that pain is no stranger, and wonder will be a constant companion.” – David Oldfield


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