Welcome Mary Elizabeth and Traci!

by News on July 26, 2010

Mary Elizabeth loves hugs, Paris, and blogs at the completely wonderful Ten Thousand Hugs. I’m so grateful she’s sharing her lists with us!

1. Appreciation.
2. Gratitude.
3. Love.
4. Hugs.
5. Comfort.
6. Peace.
7. Warmth.
8. Home.
9. Friendship.
10. Inspiration.


Traci is a coffee aficionado and nature lover who blogs at The Serendipity Factory. Her lists already have a special, present quality to them!

1. pub burgers and beer with my husband
2. naps on a lazy Saturday afternoon
3. stripes in the freshly cut lawn
4. enjoying a thunderstorm under the cover of the porch
5. the excitement of new software to learn
6. a clean car
7. when you don’t want to work out, but you convince yourself to do it — and you feel so good when you finally finish
8. phone calls from friends you’ve been out of touch with
9. Breadsmith Honey Wheat bread
10. Finally taking the piles of paper to the recycle bin

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